A Heart Touching Experience at Spandan Care Center

A Heart Touching Experience at Spandan Care Center

“Be human, love your parents and be loved by your children.”

Parents are a treasure that we as children should guard zealously. Putting them in old age homes must never be an option. We should always treat our parents as assets and not a liability and make them feel wanted and not as a burden. These were the feelings that the Bitwise Foundation members experienced during their visit to the Spandan Care Center on 8th March, 2016.

The Spandan family were eagerly waiting to meet our Bitwise Foundation members as their presence makes them feel at home. The Bitwise volunteers spent some quality time, clicked pictures and tried to understand their expectations from our team.

Many Spandan members expressed that they look forward to our visits frequently as they feel a sense of joy and find it a worthy life when we express our love and care through our small selfless gestures. All Bitwisers felt touched with this experience and decided to visit the Spandan Care Center more frequently.

Volunteers Experience at Spandan Care Centre

“The visit to Spandan was awesome. We are doing a great job by helping them and I am very happy to be a part of it. Going forward, we will arrange a visit to Spandan at least once in a month.” – Ankita Wekhande

“The visit to Spandan Care Center was a heart touching experience. The old people there need care and affection from their children. They feel very happy when people visit their Centre. I will definitely go and visit them once a month and will help them with any of the necessities.” – Vrunda Chincholkar

“I would like to say a big thank you to Bitwise and Amit for providing us this excellent opportunity to visit Spandan and do our bit towards humanity. The time spent with the people at Spandan was fabulous. Those people do need things like food, shelter, medical facilities etc., but they need our physical presence, love and support more than anything else and we had provided the same by spending time with them. We made them smile, laugh and forget their worries!

Thanks to Vrunda, Sonali, Ankita for keeping the Spandan people engaged and bringing smile on their faces. We will surely visit them at least once in a month. I look forward to more such opportunities to contribute to humanity” – Prateek Srivastava

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