I Hope

I Hope

The Journey begins with a knock on my door.. “Wake up, Wake up, Lets go..”. I jumped out of my Bed and there I see, my roomie all set. I wished I could sleep for some more…

Still sleepy, I realised we had made a plan the previous evening to go for a trek. The train we are supposed to board was at 6.40am and we didn’t want to miss the train. Keeping in mind we are left with just 5 minutes to reach the Railway Station I quickly packed my stuffs. All packed and ready, we left for the Railway station and Yes.. just as you expected, we miss the train by just 50 seconds. The next train was after 20 minutes which we boarded.

After reaching the destination, we are now all set to walk up the hill. To me, the hill looks high and far. Never in the last few years have I thought about physical fitness and suddenly today I wished I should not have discontinued that Gym.

On the way up, the view of the beautiful greenery made my mind real peaceful. I could feel nature’s way of silence, calmness and I could feel peace inside. The only sound that I could hear was the sound of the waterfalls and pleasant bird’s call, a gentle wind and the view of a fine green verdure. This is the natural world. I believe this would be the kind of environment what human beings would have wanted.

We keep walking till we reach the top of the hill. Once on top of the hill, it feels like being on top. The captivating view of the scenery and a lake below was refreshing. I wish I can keep my workstation up there and work from there for say some months. I’d probably be more productive up there.

Everything in the natural world is connected. The happiness that we can feel in connecting with nature is worth a king’s ransom. Its incalculable and it can’t be measured with a price. I hope there will not come a time when human beings resort to artificial greenery to feel the sense of artificial happiness. Imagine a trek-simulator which loads a piece of software code and bingo.. here comes Himalayan trek, and now load Mustang trails.. Sounds artificial..Isn’t it ??

We may have forget a lot of times that the ultimate existence of a life form is to preserve nature and to maintain the ecosystem. Human subsistence has changed the face of the environment in many ways. Lets not forget that there are other life forms on earth.

For human beings to be able to feel natural happiness, everyone will have to do a bit in conserving the ecosystem. Avoiding deforestation and keeping a check on pollution can help.  The only fear that I had while having a nice view from the top of the cliff was “Will this place be the same if I come back for a trek after 15 years?”  “I hope” said a friend standing next to me and we bid adieu to the place, promising we will come back soon.

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