Seva Sahayog School Kit Assembly 2018!

Seva Sahayog School Kit Assembly 2018!

Every year a lot of Bitwisers look forward to the ‘School Kit’ session organized across Pune by the Seva Sahayog team. This year too Bitwise Foundation collaborated for this initiative and sponsored around 125 school kits. The aim of the initiative is to retain underprivileged students at school and increase their love for education. Every year people from different walks of life participate in the school kit assembly sessions, the volunteers are expected to help Seva Sahayog team to pack maximum  school kits and assemble the items neatly in the school bags. Around 25 to 30 Bitwise Foundation volunteers participated in the school kit assembly sessions this year.


I love kids and there is nothing better than being part of a such an initiative, where we get an opportunity to spread happiness among the young minds & encourage them to learn. I really felt good when I devoted my time to this cause.

Kanchan Kauthale 

System Analyst

It’s a great initiative where people from different walks of life and of different age groups come together in teams to achieve their goals of having maximum school kits packed on that day. I have been participating in this initiative for the last 4 years and every year is a memorable experience.

Jaya Mishra

HR Executive CSR & Employee Engagement

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