Celebration At Centre For Special Education !

Celebration At Centre For Special Education !

Bitwise Foundation team got together for a celebration at Centre For Special Education (CSE) like every year. To make this event really special    for these kids, we decided to have the puppet show with the animal story that the children loved watching. Since Christmas was round the corner we decided to have the puppeteers team member dressed as a Santa Claus. The children got excited seeing the Santa Claus and they  all loved interacting, shaking hands with the Santa. We also asked the Santa to distribute the chocolates and crayon boxes that the volunteers had arranged. Towards the end, the refreshments arranged by Bitwise Foundation was distributed to the CSE students, teachers and the volunteers present there. It was a really a special moment for all of us, when we saw the smiling faces of the children.


Children love stories of animals with a moral as they easily relate to such enactments. Especially the puppet show is  a favourite of  all the ‘Centre For Special Education’ (CSE) students. Thanks Bitwise Foundation for this wonderful opportunity as it helped me learn a lot from these youngs minds  on how to be happy  in all situations.

Priyanka Yadav


Thanks Bitwise Foundation for arranging such events. It  gives me great satisfaction to be able to contribute and share my time with the kids, and people who are actually in need of service. This celebration with ‘Centre For Special Education’ (CSE) students was really touching and inspirational. The arrangement and planning of the event was ‘spot on’ the highlight being the puppet show and the kids being really agreeable on enjoying and sharing their time with us. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and the experience is still driving me forward in my life.

Amrit Israni













































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