Seva Sahayog School Kit Assembly 2019!

Seva Sahayog School Kit Assembly 2019!

Keeping up with the tradition, the Bitwise Foundation participated in yet another Seva Sahayog’s “School kit Assembly session”. Seva Sahayog is a Foundation that aims at enriching the lives of poor children by providing them with basic school supplies and every year Bitwisers volunteer to team up with them and participate in this event. Children coming from economically weak backgrounds are provided with basic supplies like pencils, crayons, notebooks, bags and colouring books. As volunteers, we help out the Seva Sahayog team in assembling and assorting all of these supplies in a neat package to be given away. This year, around 20 volunteers from Bitwise got together and assembled various supplies and set up school kits along with the Seva Sahayog team. It was a heartwarming experience for the Bitwisers to help out the kids who lack the means to support their aspirations and achieve their dreams. Our team was fortunate to get a chance to spread happiness amongst these children and give a token of encouragement to their pursuit of education.


“It was my first time experience with the Seva Sahayog’s School Kit Assembly event. Sometimes a small good deed can bring about a smile as well as hope in someone’s life and I have done the same thing by giving my time for such a great cause. The Seva Sahayog team is doing a great job to meet the educational needs of the needy children and help them make their future shine. I am grateful to Bitwise Foundation for making me a part of this great initiative.”

Stelma Rebello

Programmer Analyst

I would like to thank ‘Bitwise Foundation’ for giving me an opportunity to connect with ‘Seva Sahayog  Foundation’. Seeing the new and colourful story books, school bags and drawing books made me nostalgic about my school days. I feel glad to be a part of this great gesture and contribute to our nation’s promising future.

Tejashri T Bhilare

Systems Analyst





















































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