Diwali Celebration At Spandan Care Center

Diwali Celebration At Spandan Care Center

Diwali is a time for celebration where we come together to light a spark in the lives of our near and dear ones. This year our Bitwise Foundation volunteers had celebrated Diwali at the Spandan Care Center. Our team of volunteers decorated the center beautifully with paper lanterns, paper wall hangings and diyas. Few of the volunteers made beautiful and colourful rangolis at the Spandan entrance using natural materials like flower petals to create the rangoli. Seeing our efforts and gestures the patients were really happy and it also made them feel really special. The patients loved interacting with each one of us and also a few of them shared their past Diwali memories during their conversation with us. The best part of the celebration was to see their excited faces when our volunteers lighted the sparklers and fireworks. The patients also relished the ‘Diwali Faral’ arranged by Bitwise Foundation. Cheers to Bitwise Foundation Volunteers:)


It was my first visit to ‘Spandan Care Centre’. Had heard a lot about the patients from my colleagues. When I met them they were so happy and excited to meet us. They loved sharing their memories and stories related to Diwali with us. Thankyou Bitwise Foundation for this wonderful opportunity. I feel we should meet the patients more frequently and give more time as this would really make them happy.

Mrudulini Ohol

Manager – Process Excellence

This Diwali was really special for me, as I started the celebration by being part of this great initiative. I joined my team for the ‘Diwali Celebration’ at Spandan, what I  saw was that the Bitwise Foundation volunteers and the  patients shared a great bonding. I too feel, we should plan more such visits frequently. Thanks Bitwise Foundation:)

Harish Shrivastava

General Manager – IT Infrastructure









































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