International Day Of Older Persons Celebration At Spandan

International Day Of Older Persons Celebration At Spandan

Bitwise Foundation volunteers  celebrated the ‘International Day Of Older Persons’ at Spandan Care Center. As this was our third year of celebration, we made it really special and different. We started the session with an interaction with all patients, where the volunteers gave the patients an opportunity to express themselves and create a great bonding with us. To help them do something new out of their routine, we had a djembe session organized by one of  our Bitwise volunteer. The patients really loved the djembe drums and also a few of them tried playing the beats of their choice. While the other patients sang a few folk songs of their era. To make the day more exciting, we surprised them with a birthday celebration by having a common birthday cake-cutting done for all the patients. They relished the cake and also blessed our team for our kind gesture. We also distributed  the refreshments organized by Bitwise Foundation to all members. Cheers to the volunteering team :)


It was an amazing event! The happy faces of the patients made my day. Thanks Bitwise Foundation for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

Shashank Karnik

Programmer Analyst

I love communicating with the Spandan patients, as every visit teaches me how to take life positively and live in the present. They really look forward to our volunteering team and are very  excited to participate in the activities that we plan for them. Thanks Bitwise Foundation in helping us leave a positive impression on so many lives.

Dolly Vadera









































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