Nirmalya Collection 2018!

Nirmalya Collection 2018!

Bitwise Foundation had collaborated with SWaCH Cooperative Society for the ‘Nirmalya Collection Initiative’ this Ganapati festive season. Our team of Bitwise Foundation volunteers opted to support the SWaCH team by educating the people on the ghats about alternative eco-friendly methods and also encourage them to handover the nirmalya to our team. As this was our third year of volunteering for this initiative, our volunteers were able to encourage a lot of people to immerse their POP Ganapati idols in the artificial tanks created on the ghats and prevent the water bodies from getting polluted.


We must focus on initiatives that can reduce negative impacts on our environment and thanks to Bitwise Foundation for giving us the platform to do our bit towards the environment. This was my first experience being part of the ‘Nirmalya Collection Project’, I realized the importance of educating and encouraging the people on   the ghats to handover the Nirmalya and immerse their POP Ganapati idols in the artificial water tanks to protect our water  bodies from getting polluted.

Harshad More

Executive  Administration

This was my first time experience volunteering for a Bitwise Foundation initiative. Had a great time encouraging the people on the ghats to use eco-friendly ways for the Ganapati Visarjan this year. Look forward to participate in more such events in the future.

Amrit  Israni

HR Consultant







































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