Eco-Friendly Ganapati Idol Making Workshop

Eco-Friendly Ganapati Idol Making Workshop

Bitwise Foundation in collaboration with ‘Heart For Art’ NGO and ‘eCOexist’ organized an Idol making workshop to encourage Bitwisers to worship eco-friendly Ganapati idols this festive season. The workshop was conducted by a renowed sculptor from Pen Maharashtra, Sri Shrikant Deodhar, who made the process of sculpting really simplified and interesting for the participants. Around 10 Bitwisers along with their family members participated in the workshop. It was a great experience to see the family members excited and actively involved in   sculpting the idols. A few participants opted to create the idols without using the molds, while the others decided to use the molds to create the basic structure of the Ganapati using natural clay. The entire workshop was so engaging that the Bitwisers have requested to conduct more workshops in the near future.


The thirst to do something innovative every year is what motivated me to participate in the  eco-friendly Ganapati idol making workshop. It was a great experience learning to sculpt our own Ganapati idols using natural clay. I look forward to participate in more such activities that helps us to become nature lovers.

Kaveri Dharashivkar

Sr. Front Office Coordinator

I loved participating in the workshop, as it gave me an opportunity to collaborate with my sister and create   an eco-friendly Ganapati idol for my home using natural clay. As we both are art lovers, we took the challenge to create the idol without using molds. We would like to thank Shrikant Sir for guiding us and giving us tips on how to create the Ganapati idol as per our imagination. Thanks  Bitwise Foundation for making my Ganapati festival a memorable one.

Ankita Mohire


It was a great experience being part of this workshop. It was the first time, I tried sculpting and that too with family. Thank you Bitwise Foundation for organizing such a wonderful event. We should do more workshops in the near future.

Makarand Kasbekar

Test Analyst

I was looking for few Ganapati Idol making workshop near my residence, when I came to know that Bitwise Foundation will be arranging a workshop in the office, I was really happy.  Bitwise encouraged our family members to participate with us in this activity. Together we managed to create a perfect, eco-friendly Ganapati idol. Later we painted it and even performed puja. Thank you Bitwise Foundation for arranging this wonderful workshop!

Shridhar Sutar

Test Analyst



























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