Tree Plantation Drive 2018!

Tree Plantation Drive 2018!

On the occasion of ‘World Environment Day’ Bitwise Foundation collaborated with Vasundhara NGO  for a ‘Tree Plantation Drive’ at  Pashan Hill. Around  35 to 40 volunteers came together to participate in this initiative. Prior to the event quite a few visits were made to the location, where we had planted  the saplings last year and we were happy with the way Vasundhara team had taken good care of the plants throughout the year. Seeing the positive results Bitwise Foundation sponsored 158 saplings to  Vasundhara NGO for the initiative this year. It was really amazing to see many children accompany their parents for the plantation drive  and they were actively helping  the volunteers with their small but impressive efforts. Also, after the plantation the volunteers offered Shramdaan’ (voluntary labour) by building as many contour bunding structures (watershed) at a distance  away from the plantation location that would help retain rainwater and also solve the issues of watering the plants on the top of the hill throughout the year to a certain extent.


It’s a great initiative as my daughter  got the opportunity to spend her weekend in the lap of Mother   Nature and also learnt how to work in a team collaboratively. She enjoyed participating in the     ‘Shramdaan’ segment the most as  she got a chance to get her hands soaked in mud to create  the contour structures.

Hrishikesh Telange

Sr. Front Office Coordinator

Had a great time being part of this initiative, as it is one of my favorite initiative organized by Bitwise Foundation every year. Especially when we work in teams collaboratively to have maximum saplings planted on that day.

Manoj Patil (IT Infra)










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