Volunteering At ResQ Center

Volunteering At ResQ Center 

Bitwise Foundation volunteers visited ResQ centre for a volunteering initiative where they were assigned the task to make growth bags for the new saplings brought for their centre. The ResQ team decided to make the preparation before the rains so, that they could plant these sapling during the monsoon time at the ResQ center. The Bitwise Foundation volunteers were given plastic gunny bags that had to be sewed and made into a growth bag, it was a great team work and they enjoyed the activity a lot. Also, once the activity was over the volunteers visited the different animal wards where they were kept under observation. The volunteers loved spending time with the animals at the ResQ center and are looking forward to the next visit soon.


Being an animal lover, I enjoy visiting the ResQ center as every visit leaves fond memories. Being able to do our bit for the injured and abandoned animals is a great feeling for our team of volunteers. Looking forward to more such visits.

Moumita Banerjee



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