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  • Give Up Clothes for Good March 28, 2016

    Give Up Clothes for Good

    Give Up Clothes for Good, one of the initiatives organized by Bitwise Foundation aimed at meeting the requirements of our NGO partners Spandan, Swadhar, Vanasthali and Jagriti Blind School. Bitwisers were asked to donate their unwanted quality clothing in any one of the drop boxes placed at every Bitwise facility. This initiative was successful as Bitwisers contributed generously and felt really good.

    Around 14 boxes of clothes were collected in total. Clothes were collected for different age groups for village children, T shirts for patients and some clothing for Jagriti Blind School Girls as well. Few volunteers from Bitwise Foundation expressed that activities like these help bring in a positive change in the society and in oneself. That’s the beginning of the change that we intend to be a part of. The NGO partners expressed their heart felt gratitude for the move that added happiness to their life with the contributions that Bitwisers made.


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  • A Heart Touching Experience at Spandan Care Center March 23, 2016

    A Heart Touching Experience at Spandan Care Center

    “Be human, love your parents and be loved by your children.”

    Parents are a treasure that we as children should guard zealously. Putting them in old age homes must never be an option. We should always treat our parents as assets and not a liability and make them feel wanted and not as a burden. These were the feelings that the Bitwise Foundation members experienced during their visit to the Spandan Care Center on 8th March, 2016.

    The Spandan family were eagerly waiting to meet our Bitwise Foundation members as their presence makes them feel at home. The Bitwise volunteers spent some quality time, clicked pictures and tried to understand their expectations from our team.

    Many Spandan members expressed that they look forward to our visits frequently as they feel a sense of joy and find it a worthy life when we express our love and care through our small selfless gestures. All Bitwisers felt touched with this experience and decided to visit the Spandan Care Center more frequently.

    Volunteers Experience at Spandan Care Centre

    “The visit to Spandan was awesome. We are doing a great job by helping them and I am very happy to be a part of it. Going forward, we will arrange a visit to Spandan at least once in a month.” – Ankita Wekhande

    “The visit to Spandan Care Center was a heart touching experience. The old people there need care and affection from their children. They feel very happy when people visit their Centre. I will definitely go and visit them once a month and will help them with any of the necessities.” – Vrunda Chincholkar

    “I would like to say a big thank you to Bitwise and Amit for providing us this excellent opportunity to visit Spandan and do our bit towards humanity. The time spent with the people at Spandan was fabulous. Those people do need things like food, shelter, medical facilities etc., but they need our physical presence, love and support more than anything else and we had provided the same by spending time with them. We made them smile, laugh and forget their worries!

    Thanks to Vrunda, Sonali, Ankita for keeping the Spandan people engaged and bringing smile on their faces. We will surely visit them at least once in a month. I look forward to more such opportunities to contribute to humanity” – Prateek Srivastava

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  • Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center(PRC) February 5, 2015

    Visit to Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center (PRC)

    Bitwise Foundation Volunteers visited Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center (PRC) Kirkee on 5th February 2015. PRC is a Rehabilitation Centre meant for the care and rehabilitation of Defense Forces persons who are retired form service due to Spinal Cord Injury while serving the Nation. The severity of the injury makes them either para or quadriplegic affecting their ability to move their limbs and perform even basic functions for themselves.

    PRC works with Physical, Psychological and Financial rehabilitation of its inmates. It is also a pioneer in introducing sports on wheelchair. The 1st national Games were organized by PRC and were held in the center. At International level inmates from PRC have won 3 Gold, 12 Silver and 6 Bronze so far.

    Foundation will be giving monthly donation to PRC to include eggs, milk, fruits and chicken (3 times a week) in the meals provided to the inmates. We are also looking at sponsoring badminton players who want to participate in tournaments held in Spain in the month of March.

    To know more about PRC please visit www.para-rehab.org

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  • For Books,Children,education,seva sahayog school kit October 17, 2014

    School Kit Assembly – Initiative by Seva Sahayog

    We all have experienced the joy of having new School Bag, Books, Pencil box, etc on the very first day of the school. With the same thought a city based NGO Seva Sahayog School Kit drive aims at bringing SMILES to children as they climb up to the next stage of learning. For last 4 years, Seva Sahayog has been successfully running School kit drive to gift a School Kit to the underprivileged school-children. The school kit is assorted set of materials such as school bags, notebooks, pencil boxes, drawing book, crayons etc. The kits are distributed amongst children from economically weaker section of the society, who are deprived of the basic stuff/items needed for their primary education which their parents cannot afford. The reasons could vary from parents being away from children, virtually un-employed, single parents with financial crisis, orphans, to family below poverty line struggling hard to meet their daily needs. BW Foundation volunteers enthusiastically participated in this event held on 13th May 2012 at Bal Shikshan Mandir (Kothrud) with around 9000 bags to be assembled. After getting the bags assembled and ready for the distribution, they were passed through the QA (quality assurance) process to ensure that no defective pieces are being passed on to children. We spent around four hours for this entire activity of assembly and quality assurance process. We experienced the joy of giving by helping Seva Sahyog in this initiative. This is the best help for these children. The happiness that a child experiences on getting a school kit on the first day of school is incomparable; their brightened faces make us happy. It is an amazing experience to give fortune to the children, to help them groom and write their destiny. Everyone should have atleast one such kind of experience in life. Children are the future and helping them to get educated will definitely contribute in better India. Well be looking forward for such opportunities that come next time. Anyone who wishes to help Seva Sahyog in this generous work can get in touch with Bitwise Foundation and make a difference in lives of truly needy children.Kanchan Kauthale, Shrirang Kumbhar, Tushar Garud

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  • For Donation,Old Age home,Social Activities,Spandan Care Centre September 25, 2014

    Extending Support to Old Age People

    Spandhan Care Centre” is an old age home for bed ridden patients. To help the center in taking care of these patients Bitwise Foundation sponsored few of their basic needs by donating Water Beds, Bed pans ,folding Commode and a Water purifier. We are thankful to all our Donors and Volunteers for their active participation in helping the Foundation in achieving the above milestones.

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  • For Donate,Old Age home,society, BitWise Foundation,Spandan Care Centre August 5, 2014

    How Spandan reformed our lives!

    Not every youth understands what life is after becoming senior citizens. How the aged are abandoned by their own children and lead a life of recluse in orphanages with wrinkled face, tears in eyes, bodies which are feeble and frail. We have been providing monthly groceries to Sapndan Care Centre for some time now. This month Bitwise Foundation members decided to visit this Care Centre. This NGO is located in Sinhagad Road and is a home for old and bedridden patients. We arrived at the place with the monthly grocery. Not only did we hand over the grocery but decided to spend some quality time with the inmates. We inquired about their wellbeing and became emotional when the elderly narrated their plight. These people were so over whelmed by our presence. They were so glad that they had people to chit chat with. We sang with them and made them feel a part of our family. The elderly people in the Care Centre were very warm and did not take much time to confide with us. They asked questions such as where do you come from? Which company do you belong to? Are you married? To make the conversation both ways, we also asked questions such as where are you from and how old are you? What are you suffering from? Each reply made our hearts cry. Nirmala Devi, 93-year-old, has been staying in this Care Centre since the past 3 years and is aware of Bitwise and its initiatives. She gets misty-eyed when told that we have come to meet her. While leaving, she offered me a packet of biscuits and smiled and said this is all I can give you apart from my blessings. These people have television sets for their entertainment. They chant prayers in their free time. Vatsala Shaha, 92-year-old, is a big fan of Rajesh Khanna and was overwhelmed to sing popular evergreen songs such as “zindagi ek safar hai suhana”. She was hopeful to meet him someday and our hearts cried when we told her that he is no more. There was an old lady who was motivated enough to get herself clicked when one of the volunteers approached her. She was conscious enough to tidy up her dress, but never did believe that the photograph had been taken. She was sure that a photograph is taken only when there is a flash in the camera. Suchitra Pendnekar, 93-year-old when told that she is really beautiful, replies promptly by saying “you should have seen me when I was young.” We could actually see the zest for life in these old people and how their minds still wander at the thought of being abandoned and separated from their loved ones. Advocate Rajan Deshpande, one of the trustees of this Care Centre, strongly believes that Bitwise Foundation members’ helps these people get out of their mundane life and make them feel wonderful. “It has a positive effect on them. They want people whom they can chit chat with and organizations such as Bitwise brings a smile on their faces. Thank you Bitwise!” It was really an emotional saga at the old age home. With tears filled in our eyes, when the aged spoke about their agony, we cried for a few minutes. While parting, we promised to come regularly to their home and spend some time with them. Some volunteers even promised to celebrate their child’s birthdays with the inmates of Spandan.

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  • For Books,Children,Donate,Donation,education,Social Activities,Toys July 18, 2014

    Books and Toys Collection Drive

    It is often said that ‘Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons’. Unfortunately all children are not fortunate enough to enjoy this best season of their life. We see children working at various places like tea stalls, shops and even find them on streets and traffic signals and the thought of helping them in some or the other manner definitely runs though our minds. Encouraged by the same thought Bitwise Foundation organized Children Books and Toys collection drive in the first week of August and got an overwhelming response from the Bitwise Employees. We collected 75 English and Marathi books and 63 Toys/Game sets. All the collected items were distributed among three NGO’s. They are Swadhar Vachnaly, Akanksha Foundation and Bal Kalyan Sanstha. These organizations deal with the education of less privileged & physically challenged children. We would like to mention a special gesture shown by one of our project teams. This Team including few of its Ex-Team members decided to use the amount contributed for the Birthday Gifts and Treat of the team members. They used the amount collected in last three months to buy new books and games and donated to Bitwise Foundation. Bitwise foundation is thankful to all employees for their generous contribution and making this drive a success. If you wish to contribute in such activities which can touch the lives of those who are less privileged by way of donations – monthly, quarterly, annually or even one time to Bitwise Foundation or would like to join the Foundation as a Volunteer, please contact us at bfcomm@bitwiseglobal.com.

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  • For Blood Bank,society, Bitwise Foundation July 5, 2014

    Help, Drop by Drop!

    Music, coffee, cookies, fruits, hundreds of people and a stream of volunteers filled the cafeteria of bitwise on 4th July, 2014 for a blood donation drive organized by bitwise Foundation in collaboration with Acharya Anandrishiji Pune Blood Bank. This year, the blood donation drive drew more than 100 people. There were Proud bitwisers on a mission, rolling up their sleeves to give blood at a time when supply levels both locally and nationally are at critical levels. Seema Desai, a proud volunteer of bitwise Foundation reflects, “as the population ages, it’s a matter of re-educating the public on the importance of blood donations. People are living longer and with more illnesses and road accidents, the demand for blood is increasing.” She echoes the same thoughts which was mentioned recently that nearly 95 percent of the population will need blood at some point in their lives, though only 5 percent of the eligible population actually donates. Seema was elated that bitwise Foundation has had a greater turnout of donors as compared to the last 3 years. She firmly believes that bitwisers will surpass all expectations and records in the following years to come. In a semi-prone position, Regina Rao chats nonchalantly, her fist tightening on a small yellow ball, while a small plastic bag outside her line of sight fills steadily with her blood. She’s occupying one of six contoured beds at bitwise cafeteria, where donors can stop in and donate their blood. One part of the cafeteria was utilized for a thorough medical check-up of potential donors, as well as the donation itself, while the rest of the area was where donors could lie down and recuperate for a while before they leave. It was indeed overwhelming to see more people than pre-registration numbers turning up at the venue. The enthusiasm of the donors won everyone’s hearts. Puneet Manchanda, likes the convenience of having an option to donate in office. “It’s much better here than at a major blood drive,” he says, surveying the spacious, uncrowded room. “It just takes a few minutes. There’s nothing to it.” The samples were carefully sealed and taken away. Throughout the drive, there were smiles and laughter all around- a true embodiment of what we believe in- selfless service with a smile. The donors received a certificate of recognition and also a card where one unit of blood is available free from Blood Bank in the next one year. bitwise Foundation received a certificate of appreciation from the Blood Bank for taking a step towards a noble cause and for ensuring healthy participation.

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  • For Schools for Physically Challenged May 18, 2013

    Christmas Party at Center for Special Education

    Visit to Center for Special Education To spread happiness, love and joy, Bitwise Foundation organized a ‘Christmas Party’ for the students of Center for Special Education (CSE). The volunteers of Foundation visited CSE who work with children with multiple disabilities. As a Bitwise Foundation member it made me feel proud to contribute towards society and share a special token of true love which is always unplanned and pure impulse of heart. I would love to share my experiences along with my colleagues. All the kids of CSE warmly and heartily greeted all of us. All seemed happy and full of joy. Being Kids all were eager to have a share of their chocolates, cakes & pastries which we distributed. We were overwhelmed with their sweet innocent love for all the yummies. Looking at these special kids made me realize that though physically or mentally these kids are different from other kids, they have the same zeal and appreciation for the life. They were really eager to participate in all aspects of life along with mainstream. They wanted to be an inclusive part of society, but usually they are shunned, mocked and insulted. The major difficulty faced by these kids is isolation. All the volunteers took initiative to make kids happy and comfortable. Volunteers even tried to communicate with kids using the sign language. Though they generally take time to mix and socialize with new people, they became friendly with the volunteers very quickly. Our volunteers feeding these kids probably helped them feel safe and comfortable with us. We had taken extra care to ensure that this food was prepared hygienically. As volunteers this was also our first experience to communicate with these special kids. The snaps which we clicked with these kids made special memories of our life. The kids were eager to pose for the photos. We met with the school Principal Mrs. Anjana Chaudhury, who explained to us that how the school functions. We were also eager to know about the various aspects of life of these kids including their parents, health and their daily routine. All our questions were enthusiastically answered by the attendant. She also explained at length the efforts taken to teach the kids to learn, write, talk, and even to mix in the society. She also explained that how they make these kids to learn easily by using visual aids. The teachers undergo a special training to understand the special techniques, while teaching the kids. In the end the kids enthralled us with their special performances which included singing, dancing, plays, dramatics. This visit was my first step towards spreading love to those who are less unfortunate. Tis society has given me love in abundance. Our special thanks to Seema Mam, without her initiative this golden opportunity wouldn’t have landed in my lap. As a Foundation member, I would like to convey a message to all the readers to take a similar initiative to spread universal love and brotherhood to make this society a better place to live in. Proud to be a BITWISE FOUNDATION MEMBER! Harsha Madhwani

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  • For Children,education,seva sahayog school kit,society, BitWise Foundation February 16, 2013

    Their smiles bring hope!

    Every child feels escalated on the first day of school as they get to flaunt their new school bags, books and pencil boxes. However, there are some who cannot afford even the basic necessities of education. These children come from economically weaker sections of the society and are deprived of the joy of getting new bags or boxes to school. These may be small things for us but they matter a lot for a child. Bitwise Foundation strives to bring a smile on these small children. With the help of a city based NGO, Seva Sahayog, we donated school kits to those who cannot afford it. The school kit is a combination of materials such as school bags, notebooks, pencil boxes, drawing books and crayons. These school bags were first assembled and then distributed to the kids. This approach not only helped these small children to carry new stationary to school but also in a great way promote education in the weaker class.

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  • For Blood,Blood Bank,Blood Donation,Camp,Donation July 13, 2012

    Blood Donation Camp Jul-2012

    Blood Donation can make a difference between life and death.. Bitwise Foundation organized a blood donation camp on 4th July 2012. The camp was organized at both the facilities of Bitwise India as a part of Bitwise Corporate Social Responsibility program. This camp was organized with the help of professional doctors from Anandrishiji Pune Blood bank. The doctors made all the necessary arrangements and took all required precautions for safe Blood Donation. Bitwise Foundation is organizing this camp from last 4 years. 107 employees with an extraordinary zeal participated in this noble venture. There were many first time donors. Each donor received a Donor Certificate along with an discount coupon. Foundation prays that this need should never arise but if required this coupon will entitle donors to receive free blood units from the blood bank. The donors were provided refreshments of fruits and glucose biscuits. It is praiseworthy to see huge involvement of our housekeeping and security staff in the blood donation camp. Foundation was proud to see the people from all the castes and religion come together and do their bit for the society. These type of events brings together people of from diversities. We never know this small bit of help may save so many lives and bring lot of smiles. Foundation would like to thank all the volunteers for all the efforts to make this event a huge success. These events reinforces our belief that we aware of our responsibility towards society. Thunderous Claps to all!!! “

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  • For Awareness,Environment,Social Activities June 8, 2012

    World Environment Day

    Donate To Mother Nature – Let’s make earth a better place. On 05-Jun-12, World Environment Day, Bitwise employees were sensitized to the need to protect their country’s natural resources. A video seminar was held and number of ways to participate in World Environment Day were promoted. Activities like minimum usage of fuels, no AC, use of stairs, minimal usage of light to save electricity minimum usage of papers were undertaken to promote the development of a culture of environmental care.

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  • For Clothes,Donation,Social Activities April 16, 2012

    Clothes Collection Drive

    Your support can bring back smiles with this motto Bitwise Foundation members had organized a clothes collection drive from 5th to 16th March 2012. Wherein we had received an overwhelming response from all employees and we accomplished the goal of collecting 400 clothes in together from all three facilities. The collected clothes were donated to o Manavya –The NGO which mainly work for HIV+ women & children. o Vanasthalee – Working towards rural development especially for women and children. o Swadhar – They work with different women empowerment initiatives, kid’s education & health projects.

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  • For Blood,Blood Bank,Blood Donation,Camp,Donate,Donation July 15, 2011

    Blood Donation Drive at Bitwise

    Bitwise Foundation organized a blood donation camp on 15th July 2011. The camp was organized in association with ‘Anandrhishiji Pune Blood Bank’. This is part of Bitwise Corporate Social Responsibility program. The camp was organized in both the facilities of Bitwise and was run by professional doctors from Anandrhisiji Pune Blood bank. 123 employees enthusiastically donated the blood. Many of them were first time donors. Each donor was provided a Donor certificate which will entitle the donor and family to receive free blood units from the blood bank. This Blood Donation drive was definitely different. This drive not only had people coming and donating the blood but also there were people who inspired the other people to come forward to donate. There were many volunteers who told about importance of Blood Donation to their team members and increased the awareness. Another special thing which is noteworthy of mentioning was to see few of our housekeeping staff, security guards (some of whome are on contract) and several office boys donating on the occasion. Many educated people do not come forward but these people though with very less education came forward and set an ideal example for all of us. Kudos to those who took part and also to all the volunteers. You do make a difference!!!

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  • For Children,Donation,Social Activities,Toys May 13, 2011

    Toy Collection Drive- May 2011

    So beautiful are childhood days..! Childhood… a time when dad was only the hero.. When love was Mom’s hug… When dad’s shoulder was highest place on the earth… When our worst enemies were siblings…When the only thing that could hurt was wounded knees… When friends used you for nothing other than borrowing pencil…When good-bye meant only for tomorrow…When the only things broken were Toys… So many emotions were attached to toys. But we knew a broken toy would be replaced by another big toy. All the children are not lucky enough. Just wonder parents who even could not afford food, how would afford toys for their children. Fully realizing the potential of the impact of toys and the need for children to learn and grow with the experience of toys, Bitwise Foundation partnered with Toybank to organize a TOY COLLECTION DRIVE. The toy collection campaign ran from 25th April to 4th May in all the 3 facilities of Bitwise. Toy Collections boxes were placed near security at all the 3 facilities of Bitwise. This was the time when all the Bitwisers came together as family and share aloha in true spirit. We are very glad to let you know that we collected 340 toys in this campaign. On 9th May 2011 Bitwise Foundation volunteers came together, segregated according to age groups and wrapped all the 340 toys with newspaper. We would like to thank each and every donor and volunteer for your generosity. The toy collection drive has been extremely successful and it was so much fun doing it. Just waiting till the toys reach the tiny hands… Related Links:- http://blog.toybank.org/2011/06/toy-collection-drive-at-bitwise.html

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  • For Children Picnic,Doorstep School,education,Social Activities December 15, 2010

    Doorstep School Picnic – December 2010

    Door Step School is an NGO which provides education and support to the often-forgotten children of pavement dwellers, slum dwellers, construction site families and many other underprivileged families. Along with the routine education program. Door Step school organizes picnic for their children every year. This year Bitwise Foundation sponsored the Picnic for more than 650 children. Door Step School used different ways to control the cost e.g. the snacks were prepared by their staff, they used their own vehicles and made multiple trips to the venue. All the four Sundays and two Saturdays in the month of December were used for taking children to different locations, mostly the Pune Municipal Corporation Gardens in the nearby area. Children are located in the 9 clusters with 90 locations with a considerable geographical spread and hence this arrangement suited the best.

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  • For Donation,education,seva sahayog school kit,Social Activities November 19, 2010

    School Kit Donation Drive-2010

    School Kit Donation Drive is organized every year by a group called Seva Sahayog in Pune. The School Kit Drive aims to gift School Kits to school-children from economically weaker sections of the society. The kit contains 1 School bag, 10 notebooks, Pen, Pencil, and a Compass box. The kits are distributed to children from slums, schools, and education-support-centers run by NGOs in and around Pune. As a part of this, benevolent and generous activity ,Bitwise Foundation responded enthusiastically by donating Rs 12,000 for this noble cause.

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  • For Camp,Cervical Cancer,Health Checkup,Social Activities,Women Health April 5, 2010

    Woman Gynecological Wellness camp

    A World Health Organization study reveals that every year 1,32,082 women are diagnosed with Cervical Cancer and 74,118 die from the disease. The growing risk of cervical cancer in women in India (aged 0-64 years) is 2.4% compared to 1.3% for the world. It is shocking to know that around 10 women die of cervical cancer every hour in south-east Asia and eight of them are from India. Pap screenings which detect the cancer at a very early stage is one of the ways which can be used to reduce these deaths. On the occasion of Women’s Day, Bitwise Foundation in association with Dr. Patankar Medical Foundation organized a ‘Woman Gynecological Wellness camp’ for the Teacher’s at Doorstep School. Door Step school is a NGO, with whom Bitwise Foundation has worked in the past on various initiatives. Door Step school aims to address literacy amongst the marginalized sections of society. The school provides education and support to the dwellers, slum dwellers, construction site families and many other underprivileged families. They need staff including teachers, supervisors and coordinators to work on these initiatives. This staff is typically from poor and traditional families. They mostly work for financial support for their family. The ‘Woman Gynecological Wellness camp’ was held for about 45 teachers of Door Step School on 20th March, 2010 between 2 PM to 4 PM at Dr. Patankar Nursing Home. Along with the Pap Tests the camp included routine tests like Weight check, B. P. Check, Blood Sugar Check , hemoglobin along with initial consultation.

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  • For Schools for Physically Challenged,Social Activities December 21, 2009

    Visit to Center for Special Education School

    “How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the starving & tolerant of the weak & strong. Because someday in life you will have been all of these. – George Washington.” The Bitwise Foundation volunteers visited Centre for Special Education (CSE) on 21st December ’09. CSE is dedicated to understanding and promoting the knowledge needed to improve the ability of learners with disabilities. Children of single as well as multiple disabilities get proper care and nurture through well qualified faculty. The children required specially cooked food and the school had requested us to give them the necessary ingredients and the food was cooked by the in- house cook. While the lunch was getting cooked, we visited all the classes, the physiotherapy room, the music room etc. The visit to the physiotherapy room was certainly an eye opener. It revealed to us how difficult it was for most of the children to do simple things like walking, climbing and even sitting on their own. The most disturbing sight was to see some children tied to the chair with belt, as otherwise they will fall off. The physiotherapist and all the teachers were very patient with the kids. Some of the children were very excited to see us and greeted us with broad smiles, some were shy and few were uncomfortable with visitors. Few of them entertained us by singing songs and others performed various dances for us. It was an overwhelming experience. We were also surprised to see them performing so well. Other than the Music Teacher, sponsored by Bitwise Foundation, the school also has arts, crafts and exercise sessions. On this occasion we also donated weight cuffs to the school, which will be used in physiotherapy sessions. “No matter what our age, background, gender or ability, we can be a valuable resource to demonstrate the universal language of love, compassion & make a difference to children’s lives.”

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