Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center(PRC)

Visit to Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center (PRC)

Bitwise Foundation Volunteers visited Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center (PRC) Kirkee on 5th February 2015. PRC is a Rehabilitation Centre meant for the care and rehabilitation of Defense Forces persons who are retired form service due to Spinal Cord Injury while serving the Nation. The severity of the injury makes them either para or quadriplegic affecting their ability to move their limbs and perform even basic functions for themselves.

PRC works with Physical, Psychological and Financial rehabilitation of its inmates. It is also a pioneer in introducing sports on wheelchair. The 1st national Games were organized by PRC and were held in the center. At International level inmates from PRC have won 3 Gold, 12 Silver and 6 Bronze so far.

Foundation will be giving monthly donation to PRC to include eggs, milk, fruits and chicken (3 times a week) in the meals provided to the inmates. We are also looking at sponsoring badminton players who want to participate in tournaments held in Spain in the month of March.

To know more about PRC please visit

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