Plastic Collection Drive

Plastic Collection Drive

Today plastic is one of the most widely used and cheapest materials in the world. If you look around you would find plastic items everywhere. Did you ever wonder, what’s happens to all these plastic items dumped on this planet? It simply stays with us all our life. The only reason being that plastic are NOT bio-degradable. It may be difficult to accept but since plastic was invented, everything that has ever been made from this material still exists. As it takes around 700 years for plastic to “photo-degrade” – which means they will turn into little toxic bits of it as these items cannot decompose, biodegrade or get absorbed by nature.

Having been aware about these alarming facts, Bitwise Foundation decided to do its bit towards the environment. We started looking for an organization that could help us with a solution to these problems. During the process we happened to meet ‘Keshav Sita Memorial Foundation Trust’ that specializes in this field & helps in converting waste plastic into ‘Polyfuel’ by the process of Catalytic Pyrolysis Process. The Polyfuel made, is given to underpriviledged people to use this fuel in their cooking stoves.

Speaking to ‘Keshav Sita’ team we tried to understand their purpose behind this organization, and we realized they wanted to create awareness among the people about the amount of plastic consumed and also educate them about the importance of shredding waste plastic items in the right way. Bitwise Foundation contributed to this great cause, by collaborating with Keshav Sita Memorial Foundation Trust to organize a ‘Plastic Collection Drive’ at Bitwise. The drive was organized from 8th August to 26th August. Employees contributed generously to make this campaign a success. In total around 70 kgs. of waste plastic items were donated to them. Foundation plans to take a step further by continuing the waste plastic collection as an on-going process.

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