NIO Vision Marathon, 2017!

NIO Vision Marathon, 2017!

This year Bitwise Foundation was one of the major sponsors for ‘NIO Vision Marathon, 2017’, where we sponsored the refreshments for all participants. The special segment of the marathon was where Bitwisers got an opportunity to run/walk 3km with the visually impaired students of Jagriti, by holding their hands and helping them experience the pleasure of reaching the finishing line. It was a moment of learning for all Bitwise Foundation runners who were trying to match their pace with the visually impaired students, to help their dreams come true. Through this run, we wanted to educate people about the potential and talent these blind students have and also help them get an opportunity to live a normal life like us. In fact the Bitwisers were amazed to see the enthusiasm and stamina of these students.


Ran the 3km marathon with girls from Jagriti Blind School and seeing their enthusiasm and stamina, I learnt, “When life gives you something that makes you feel afraid that’s when life gives you a chance to be brave – Lupytha Hermin”. Special thanks to Bitwise for making my 7th Marathon the most memorable of all and looking ahead to see Bitwise Foundation logo in many more to come.

Aruj Khosa
Systems Analyst

Had a wonderful experience while running with Jagriti Blind Girls by holding their hands to make their dream of reaching the finishing line come true. Jagriti students are really enthusiastic and having a great stamina. Making them participate in the 3km run was an awesome way to tell them, that they are the real champions. Good job Bitwise Foundation.

Rasika Gonekar
Programmer Analyst

Had a great time running the 3km run with the Jagriti Blind Girls, after my individual 5km marathon that I ran with all my colleagues and friends. It was one of the most memorable marathons. Thanks Bitwise Foundation for organizing such a wonderful event.

Nikhil Shinde
Trainee Programmer

It was a good and different event what we have organized till now. Spoke to the Jagriti Blind girls to know what their thoughts were on the 3km run, they were all very excited and enjoyed a lot. Also, it was their first time when they got an opportunity to participate in a marathon. Would like to participate in such Foundation events in future as well.

Shrikant Malwade
Systems Analyst

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