Visit to Jagriti Blind School

Visit to Jagriti Blind School

On 15th March, Bitwise foundation volunteers visited Jagriti Blind School to meet the students. Interacting with the girls was fun. We had interaction sessions of games, quizzes and dance performances with them. We tried to make girls comfortable and we spent some quality time with them. Each child present there was a bundle of joy, full of energy and lots of positive vibes. They lived every moment to the fullest. During our interaction sessions we found that a few students were God gifted with a beautiful voice. They sang melodious songs for us. The children had built such good rapport with us that they wanted us to spend some more time with them. Few of the students made us perform along with them. They sent messages for all Bitwisers who assisted and interacted with them during their visit to Bitwise office. Infact, we were surprised that they still remembered the visit and also the name of the employees. This left us with a thought that how much our presence and action matter to these children and how much they look forward to our visits.

Experience of Bitwisers who visited Jagriti Blind School:

Neeru W Volunteer:
It was a great experience being there and interacting with them. The spirit those girls have, that inspired me a lot and compelled me to think that nothing can stop you if you really want to achieve something. I feel lucky to be a part of such a foundation.


Rasika Gonekar Experience:
It was great experience while visiting and interacting with enthusiastic girls at Jagriti school. Girls are physically blind but they have strong memory and tremendous passion to enjoy the life. I had learned for them how to live each moment of life happily though we have lots of obstacles. Thanks to Bitwise foundation for giving us memorable and wonderful opportunity.


Kiran R Dhawade :
It was one of the most heart touching experiences I have had till now. Our eyes are the most important part of our body without which a normal person like me can never imagine what we would have done possibly. But after staying at the blind school for 2 hours, it changed my view. I understood how strong and powerful is a person’s willpower. And a man has so much strength within himself. It is the normal people with all physical features alright and in working condition tend to curse destiny for some reason or the other. Somewhere it is said that scarcity brings out the best in a person. And that was quite clear from the visit.

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